Congratulations! Our packages are completely customizable, making our services very attainable at all different budget levels.  We offer many possibilities and payment options to provide you with the top-level of photography, with no corners cut. We also offer special midweek and off peak rates. Please try out the customizer below to create your perfect package. It will be best to have us walk you through the options. Please contact Aaron at 760 271 4853. Thanks!


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Package Options

Image Conversion and Adjustment • 

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We HIGHLY recommend this option. This option must be selected in order to receive all of your images in a high resolution, printable format, free of any watermarks. Without this option selected the images will be available for viewing only (not printable), in a raw, unadjusted format. We always want to be as transparent as possible to make sure that you understand that this option needs to be selected to receive all of your images/files.If you do wind up selecting image conversion now or in the future, all files will receive a basic adjustment of color and contrast and are corrected in batches. Images are then converted into a high resolution printable JPEG format and are yours to download and keep.

Rate: $295.00

Event Highlights, Enhancement and Retouch • 

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We hand-select highlight images (an average of 15 selected images per hour of photography) and individually enhance and retouch each image selected. To see an example of the work being done, please check out this Example.We meticulously craft these highlights in an effort to best tell the story of the day, so they will be enjoyed for years to come. All images displayed on our main website have received this added treatment. Images are provided as hi-res digital media files, suitable for printing, sharing, and archiving. There is no watermark on any of these files.

Rate: $295.00

Images Posted Online • 

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All of your images will be organized by categories, making it much easier to find a specific image. Example Folders: Getting ready, Ceremony, Family Portraits, Couple’s Portraits, Reception. All images are then posted online to a password protected, viewable cart. You will receive a code that you can share with family and friends. Images will remain online for viewing for 3 months with the option to extend.

Rate: $95.00

Raw File Digital Download • 

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You will receive every single image photographed at your event in the raw, original, un-produced format so you have a complete record for your archives. These files have the highest resolution and range of detail that is used when adjusting a file. This produces the best end quality and product. You never know which photo will be important later, and we feel you should have them all 🙂 In the future you will need to convert the files in order to print the images, with professional post-production done to have the images look their absolute best. Think of these as a digital negative. The files are delivered through dropbox via digital download. This also keeps your purchase tax free. If a hard drive is requested you may purchase this for an additional $100 (plus tax). Please just let us know by email with this request.

Rate: $295.00

Image Culling • 

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On average we photograph 300 - 500 pictures per hour. This means that if we are to photograph a 7 hr wedding there may be 2100 - 3500 images. Although it is important to see all of the images, it can be nice to narrow the images down a bit so you are only looking at the better pictures. With Image Culling, we will provide you with a second link in addition to the first link containing ALL of the images. This second link will consist of a the entire photo shoot narrowed down to typically 1/4 the size. For example, if you have 8 of the same family photo captured, we will select two of the best for viewing in this special link.

Rate: $295.00

Album Credit Options

SMALL | 10x10 square flush album | up to 65 images - $875

MEDIUM | 14x10 horizontal flush album | up to 85 images - $995

LARGE | 15x12 horizontal flush album | up to 105 images - $1,200

X-LARGE | 18x12 horizontal flush album | up to 120 images - $1,995

Additional Ways to Save

Only one discount can be applied to your total. If you select more than one discount, the greater discount will automatically be applied to your total.

Are you a member of the US Armed Forces?

(active duty or veteran) 10% Discount

Are you a Health Care Worker, First Responder, or Teacher?

(you or a spouse) 5% Discount

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Bonus Discount on top of other discounts

Lead Photographer is officially assigned 1 month before wedding date.

I'm patient discount :)- additional 10% discount off of lead photographer


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