Learn Korean with Lyrics and messages from BTS

Hello, My name is Joyce and I am a Korean American who loves BTS. I have been an ARMY for about 4 years now.

I knew BTS and heard of them back in days but not a fan of them. I thought they were too young and their music was not my cup of tea either. However the one message that made me become their fan was RM’s message to ARMY. And I have been witnessing their growth in not only music but also personality and as human being. It is well known their lyrics are so positive and encouraging but what I love more is their message to us. And oftentimes it is just so beautiful in meaning and in structures and I always felt it’s such a shame that non-korean speaking Army cannot understand their messages.

 So one day when I stumbled with this young Army in Hmart who eager to learn Korean but seems lost, I thought maybe I can teach them Korean with messages from BTS.

I also have no idea how this will fan out and how many of you are even interested, so please let me know if you like to take part in! Then I will put this in action!


Thank you!